Tremor affects the arms, legs, neck, tongue, chin, and vocal cords. It is an involuntary, rhythmic movement caused by opposing muscle contractions. It might be a symptom of a neurological problem (such Parkinson’s disease), or it can be caused by medicine, alcohol usage or withdrawal, or an overactive thyroid. The most prevalent cause of tremor is “essential tremor,” which affects 13 million people in India and is the most common movement problem in adults.


Dr. Amol Mahajani

M.d ( Medicine) D.N.B(Neurology) Consultant Neurologist

Special interest in treating headache(migraine) vertigo,stroke, epilepsy, and other neurological disorder Attached to Sancheti, Joshi,Ratna,Sanjeevan hospitals in Pune Attends satellite OPD every Saturday at Narayangaon at Varadi Medical.