De-Novo Healthcare employs novel techniques to treat problems ranging from the most complex to the most common, such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, as well as severe mental diseases. We utilize a computerized electroencephalogram (EEG) to record the electrical activity in your brain, similar to how an EKG records the electrical activity in your heart. This allows us to better understand your specific brain pattern or neurophysiology. After that, a report is prepared to help us in developing a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

What is The Role of EEG?

An EEG can assist in the diagnosis of numerous forms of brain disorders, most noticeably epilepsy lesions of the brain caused by tumors or stroke disorders that influence brain activity, such as Alzheimer’s disease, certain psychoses, and memory problems, drug intoxication, trauma, or the severity of brain damage in coma patients, sleep disorders and narcolepsy, encephalitis and encephalopathy. It can also be utilized during surgical operations, such as monitoring blood flow in the brain. There are several additional reasons why your healthcare professional may prescribe an EEG, including the fact that they are incredibly useful in obtaining an accurate diagnosis and developing an efficient treatment plan.

Is the EEG Testing Harmful?

There really is no discomfort while the EEG is being recorded. The equipment just monitors your body’s electrical activity — your brainwave patterns. The scalp is rubbed before the recording, but the procedure is non-invasive.

How Much Time Does it Take?

The standard EEG takes 45 to 60 minutes.

What are The Testing Criteria?

  • There is no record of psychosis.
  • There is no record of past head trauma.
  • In certain circumstances, patients are generally not taking drugs or are able to safely reduce and discontinue medications, such as those for medical disorders, until the EEG is acquired.
  • Prior to the collection of the EEG, no alcohol or recreational drugs were consumed.

Dr. Amol Mahajani

M.d ( Medicine) D.N.B(Neurology) Consultant Neurologist

Special interest in treating headache(migraine) vertigo,stroke, epilepsy, and other neurological disorder Attached to Sancheti, Joshi,Ratna,Sanjeevan hospitals in Pune Attends satellite OPD every Saturday at Narayangaon at Varadi Medical.