ABOUT Dr. Amol Mahajani


  • My self Dr. Amol Avinash Mahajani M.B.B.S M.D (General Medicine) D.N.B Neurology.
  • I have cleared my M.D Medicine from Pravara Medical college in July 2013.
  • In July 2014 Secured DNB Neurology Post through all india entrance test DNB CET SS.
  • I have worked as DNB Neurology Resident for 3 years from July 2014 to July 2017 under renowned senior Neurologist.
  • I have attended certified short training course for botox injection at delhi in Nov 2016 for dystonia , spasticity & movement disorder patients.
  • I have started my own practice since Jan 2018 .I have attachments in various corporate hospitals in pune like sancheti,joshi and ratna (MMF),royal mudhol hospital,ONP ,sanjeevan etc .I have done various paper and poster presentations in national conferences
  • I also perform various repositioning setting for vertigo (B.P.P.V)
  • I am active Participant of stroke team in two corporate hospitals in pune . Till date I have thrombolysed more than 50 patients who presented in window period with goodout comes.
  • I am active director and consultant Neurologist of denovo health care clinic F.C. road Shivaji Nagar.
  • Since 2018 every Saturday I am attending my satellite OPD at Narayangaon


  • My basic area of interest is treating stroke , epilepsy and headache


1. Neurology Consultation(4:00pm to 7:00pm)Monday to Friday

  • Headache, Migraine
  • Vertigo, Imbalance, giddiness
  • Epilepsy seizure
  • Stroke,[TIA]
  • Neuropathy
  • Myopathy
  • Tremors, Parkin son disease
  • Dementia or forgetfulness

2. Electrophysiological Services(Monday to Friday)

  • EEG
  • NCV
  • EMG
  • VEP
  • BERA
  • SSEP
  • Blink Reflex
  • RNS
  • VNG test

3. Botox treatment:

Botox injection for spasticity, writer cramps, beneficial spasm, cervical dystonia

4. Lab Services: Timing(10:30pm to 6pm)

All lab test which are necessary for diagnosis are available .home visit also available in service

5. Epleys , Simmont Manoeuvre for B.PPV Patient


  • Headache is most common neurologic complaint seen in primary care
  • Life time Prevalance of 90% in general population
  • Patient Presenting to a Primary Care Physician with episodic headache most likely has migraine
  • Migraine without Auro -80%
    1. Headache 4-72 hrs
    2. Unilateval location
    3. Moderate to server in intensity
    4. Nausea/
    5. Phonophobia / Photophobia
  • Migraine without Auro -80%
    1. Auro (Reversible)
    2. -flashes of light [image]
    3. Scintillating scotoma
    4. Speech/ language
    5. Motor symptom

Treatment : Consultation(medication) to your doctor| Relaxation | Avoid stress | exersize | Hydration


  1. Stress
  2. Interval between meal
  3. Cheese, Chocolate, Red wine, Chinese
headaches hero


  • Dizziness and vertigo are common symptoms
  • About 2.5% of all primary care visits are for Dizziness and about 1% are for vertigo

Otologic vertigo: Dysfunction of inner ear

  1. P.P.V: brief vertigo provoked by change in orientation of head
  2. Vestibulav neuritis : vertigo , nausea , ataxia N viral infection of vestibular nerve
  3. Meniere’s disease: fluctuating hearing loss vertigo tinnitus
  4. Central vertigo:
    1. Migraine associated vertigo [vestibulav migraine]
      1. 30-50 yrs of age
      2. Common in women
    2. Stroke
    3. Seizures
    4. Multiple sclerosis

Medical Vertigo

  •  Postural Hypotension
  •  Cardiac arrhythmia
  •  Hypoglycemia
  •  Medication drug

Unlocalized course

  • Unknown
  • Psychogenic
  • Post traumatic vertigo
  • Hyperventilation syndrome
  • Malingering
Vertigo illness concept. Man hands on his head felling headache