Unwanted Pregnancy is a pregnancy that a pregnant lady or girl decides is unwanted of her own volition. The failures of contraception and family planning delivery systems are a major cause of undesired pregnancy. Emergency Contraception is unique among the family planning options accessible to women because it prevents undesired and unwanted pregnancies, which minimises the risk of unsafe abortion. Objectives:

  • To assess the percentage of women who are presently pregnant who are having an unplanned pregnancy.
  • To determine the social, economic, and contraceptive usage aspects that contribute to unintended births.
  • The purpose of this study is to look at the abortion seeking behaviour of women who are pregnant but don’t want to be.
  • To assess the research group’s understanding about emergency contraception.

What happens during an abortion ?

You will have an appointment before having an abortion to discuss your decision and what will happen next. You should be offered a choice about how the abortion will be carried out whenever possible.

There are 2 options:

  • Medical Abortion (“abortion pill”): To induce an abortion, you take two drugs, generally 24 to 48 hours apart.
  • Surgical Abortion : You have a procedure to remove the pregnancy and are usually discharged the same day.

After an abortion, you’ll most likely need to relax for a few days. For up to two weeks, you’re likely to have some pain and vaginal bleeding.

In cases of early pregnancy i.e before 6 weeks, unwanted pregnancy can be terminated with pills. If pregnancy more than 6 weeks, Curettage method remains safe. Consult your gynaec for proper guidance and choice of method suitable for you.


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