Most popular problem these days is ‘Polycystic Ovarian Disease’ known as PCOD. Our approach includes reaching the base of problem in pcod , which is irregular ovulation. Our therapy includes diet advice, lifestyle modification, correction of blood hotmone levels, and ensuring proper ovulation every month so that the patient has a regular period.

PCOD stands for poly cystic ovarian disease/syndrome, which is a hormonal disorder characterised by tiny cysts on the ovaries’ periphery. The exact aetiology of PCOD is unknown, however genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle, food, and other variables may have a role. Male androgen hormones are found in larger levels in women with pcod. This might cause issues with a woman’s ovaries, such as not having or not receiving her period on time. Excess androgen hormones can also cause hair loss, unwanted hair on the face and body, acne, and other symptoms such as darkened complexion, husky voice, weight gain, pelvic discomfort, obesity, and reproductive issues, among other things.

Women with PCOD are more prone to suffer from a variety of major health issues. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and blood vessel disorders, and uterine cancer are among them. PCOD affects a lot of women’s ability to conceive (fertility). PCOD can become a significant issue if left untreated. If you don’t visit a doctor and get treatment for your symptoms, they can lead to serious health problems including cancer, acne scars, and heart disease. Sleep apnea and infertility are two more health issues to consider.


Dr. Aditi Ambekar Mahajani

Specialized In Test Tube Baby (IVF) , PCOD, Minimal Invasive Surgeries( Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy)

We specialize in Fibroid/cyst/ectopic/hysterectomy with Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques. Dr. Aditi has 6 years of experience in treating long-term infertility. we are attached to various multispeciality hospitals in Pune including ONP, MJM, Gynaeworld hospital.